Monday, January 7, 2008

Power Weekend


Our power went out early Friday morning. Cindy's mom's advice was to cuddle on the couch under a blanket and read. So we did just that for over 12 hours! Cindy read half of a novel and I tweaked on my business plan including creating a calendar of action for January. About 7:30pm, our camp lantern battery died, and we had to go to flashlight reading and writing. The house was getting colder by the minute, and we added a layer of blankets. By 8:30 I gave in and went to bed. Cindy followed at 9:30. There was still no power in the morning. We were cold and needed showers. Cindy's mom's advice: get in the car and turn on the heater full blast. So we did and then we drove to our friends' house to take a shower and then we went to the store. We got home at 1pm and there still was no power. When it came on at 2:30, we cheered and turned the thermostat up to 70.

Glorious Electricity

We turned on almost every light in the house and fired up our computers only to get all whacked out when the sky darkened, lightning and thunder crashed across the sky, and a torrential hailstorm hit the house. The lights flickered briefly but never went out. We stayed up until late, late, late, house ablaze with lights, kissing the thermostat each time we passed by, both of us happily engaged on our computers and eating the best toll house cookies Cindy has ever made.


Our practice these past 8 years has been to do our holiday gift exchange with each other on New Year's Day, but this year we postponed this giving for a lot of complicated reasons. We chose Sunday for the exchange, which coincidentally was the 12th day of Christmas and Epiphany. We returned to on the power outage couch with steaming cups of tea, sliced oranges, and bowls of nuts, where we opened our gifts to one another. What fun! Cindy gave me 2 books, lots of card making paraphernalia, a bunch of nifty office stuff, a gorgeous periwinkle top, and 3 gifts of service. I gave her black sweat pants to replace her favorite pair that recently bit the dust, an auto emergency kit that I put together myself, a bunch of kitchen gadgets, an auto office center (because she works out of her car), and 3 gifts of service. We were both delighted! It's such a pleasure to live with someone who gifts me so well!

Writing Power

Sunday afternoon was the first meeting of my newly organized writing group. All I can say is that these women ROCK!! They are all powerful writers as well as smart, intelligent, kind, generous reviewers. I'm so thrilled to be working with these women.

Tiny Tippett

I came home to message to call Anna Mae, who had been given the privilege of telling me that I have a new grandchild in the making. A baby, growing in Mama's belly, will make its appearance early next summer. Power to the Tippetts!!


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Cindy said...

Congratulations on the "tiny Tippett!" I'm happy for you. Pretty soon you'll catch up to my 14 nieces and nephews and 14 great-nieces and nephews!
It was a very nice day yesterday, with all our special little gadgets and gifts, and I already received half of one of my services promised to me...I'll let Patricia share what that is maybe in tomorrow's blog...never know what she'll write on next though...:) HERE'S to ELECTRICITY and HEAT!! YEAH!!