Friday, October 30, 2009


Isn't coincidence a fascinating thing?

Yesterday was my son's birthday, Oct 29 and I had a doctor appointment to get the results of biopsy of two small growths on my thyroid. As I sat in the waiting room, I recalled another visit to the same doctor EXACTLY nine years before on my son's birthday, when I was told that a strange rash on one of my breasts could be cancer. Happily, both instances of possible cancer were NOT the dread disease!

Today, is the birthday of Cindy's best friend Becky. I just read on Facebook that today is also the birthday of Cindy's sister's best friend, Gina!

Like I said, coincidence is fascinating!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lucky Date Night

This week for date night, we decided to take advantage of a coupon that Cindy had recieved in the mail for two free dinners at Blackoak Casino. When we arrived, Cindy presented her coupon and got a complimentary scratcher which she immediately scratched to discover that she had won $500.

Obviously we were happy diners. We chose to sit at the sports bar with all the guys watching college football rather than wait 50 minutes for a table. The place was packed because of the dinner promotional. We sipped our drinks while waiting for our meals and fantasized about where we would live if we didn't have a million reasons why we would never leave where we do live. The impetus for this conversation was all the college towns playing across the big screen over the bar making us think about places across the country.

On the way home, we stopped at Blockbuster to pick up the movie that our friend Becky chose for her birthday celebration dinner at our house tomorrow. When I stepped to the counter, the clerk said, "I have this left over free coupon, so your movie is free tonight."

Guess the stars were aligned in our favor tonight. All in all it was fun and different and definitely lucky date night.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

And so . . .

It is true that Facebook is usurping Twilightme. It's just so easy to jot off a line or two on FB a couple times of day. But I'm sad. I don't want my blog to be overtaken by that easy floozy FB. Twilightme deserves better; more of my time, and quality time at that, for that is her strength--being a descriptive chronicle of my days. So I'm turning over a new leaf. I will give her much more attention from now on and just to let her know that I actually learned something from FB, here are a few one or two liners about what I could have been posting had I not given in to a FB infatuation. And I'm dressing up the post with a few pictures too.

  • When Nell spent the night, she was little Miss Independence, managing all of her self-care--teethbrushing, hair brushing, and dressing. She also made great use of a little copper teapot that I had picked up for her play with in the yard, filling it with flowers and leaves and building a little stove to brew her tea from a brick and the top of a solar yard light.
  • It takes an hour and a half to get to Indian Grinding Rock State Park, enough time for Kyle and Candice to thoroughly entertain me with their engaging and lively chatter: Kyle spouting off numerous arcane facts and Candice mananging order in the back seat and pointing out landmarks of note along the way. They were both well versed in Native American history and provided intelligent commentary on the artifacts we encountered in the museum and during our hike through the park.
  • I've went to SFO twice this month: once for a Research & Planning Conference with my colleagues from Columbia College and then a week later to pick up Kenny who was flying in from NYC. On both trips, the south bay shimmered beneath the arrival and departure of plane after plane, always an arresting sight.
  • At home, we had the first storm of the season with an accompanying 23 hour power outage which forced me to lounge around reading a murder mystery and gave Cindy time to read Kenny's first screenplay. Thankfully it wasn't too cold, so we were fine without heat.
  • Finally, Cindy and I continue to scurry here and there between work and family commitments, always juggling the things we love and sometimes complaining about being tired.