Thursday, June 12, 2008


My trip north went a bit over budget and we've had some other unexpected expenses for June, so Cindy and I were having a budget meeting yesterday. I commented that it would be great if I could pick up a few extra writing assignments and she reported that she had bid on some extra assignments in her work, asking for above average pay given the gas prices.

Shortly thereafter, we were reminded to be careful about what we ask for. Within the short span of an hour, I was asked by email, phone, and a face-to-face meeting if I was interested in 3 separate writing jobs. During the same time, Cindy was given an affirmative response about 2 of the 3 jobs she had bid on.

For both of us that means considerably more work this month which translates to more money but also to "UH OH!!! Now I have to get hopping!"

I'll keep the blog updated on this windfall of business.

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Owl2u said...

You said it! Stop this bus, and let me off. I can't get caught up on anything because I just keep getting calls left and right about new jobs. I'll keep you focused on your work, but you can't get frustated with me for "keeping you in line...:)" Here's to a hectic month and better finances!