Sunday, February 1, 2009

Two Reasons to Celebrate

Leon and Aliou are 6 years old. They've been in the USA for 19 months and are officially adopted. On this, their second birthday in their adopted country, they are old hats at being the birthday boys. They know about cakes and candles and guests and gifts.

Months before their birthday, Aliou got the idea that he wanted a remote control car. This sounded pretty good to Leon too, so they both started asking for such a car as a birthday gift. As it turned out, they'd asked quite a few people, so they each got 2 remote control cars which was perfect for the large contingency of siblings and cousins present at their birthday who wished to share the pleasures of this gift.

In addition to two ice cream cakes--chocolate for Aliou and "yellow" for Leon-- the kids played pin-the-tale-on-the-donkey. Taylor one first prize followed by Athan and Nell in 2nd and 3rd place. The potluck supper was delicious, and while the kids played with their respective age-mate cousins, the adults visited and caught up on the busy-ness of life.

Leon and Aliou--thanks for being such marvelous reasons to celebrate!

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Cindy said...

WOW, 19 months already?? Time sure flies, doesn't it? And what joys they are to have around! I couldn't imagine the family without those two smiling faces. Great blog, Patricia!