Friday, October 30, 2009


Isn't coincidence a fascinating thing?

Yesterday was my son's birthday, Oct 29 and I had a doctor appointment to get the results of biopsy of two small growths on my thyroid. As I sat in the waiting room, I recalled another visit to the same doctor EXACTLY nine years before on my son's birthday, when I was told that a strange rash on one of my breasts could be cancer. Happily, both instances of possible cancer were NOT the dread disease!

Today, is the birthday of Cindy's best friend Becky. I just read on Facebook that today is also the birthday of Cindy's sister's best friend, Gina!

Like I said, coincidence is fascinating!


tuckova said...

Amazing! I've been thinking a lot about coincidence, how it's basically the equivalent of pareidolia, and yet... faces in wood patterns are so satisfying! And so is coincidence. Like how we're thinking of it at the same time, that's really nice brain rubbing.

Cindy said...

Thank God for the good news in both cases!