Thursday, December 24, 2009

Unusual Stars

During the week before Christmas, I've been blessed by the appearance of many unusual stars. First there were the three stars who performed in a play at the Chapel in the Pines --a funny and joyful adaptation of the Christmas story called "The Unusual Star." This delightful performance turned on the love and made my eyes see unusual stars everywhere. The first star-- who I might have otherwise missed-- was stagehand Cody working in the dark to rearrange sets for the play in which his three siblings were performing.

Then there was the neighbor who came when called and who managed to finally straighten the tree!

It wasn't hard to miss this happy bass player! But what was unusual about this star was the joy he so clearly finds when playing music.

There is also the wonder of color-coordination: this Papa with his baby's bottom are truly star material!

Little yogini Nell shines under the bright tutelage of yoga star brother John.

And all week I've been enjoying the aroma of baking cookies. Cindy is--without a doubt-- the Christmas Cookie Queen. She brings sweetness and light to the holiday every single year with hundreds of cookies. She is a most unusual star!

Merry Christmas to all!

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