Thursday, May 20, 2010

Strawberry Fields

We are getting a bountiful harvest of strawberries this year. During the past 10 years, we have relocated the strawberry patch four times. We have battled deer, birds, grasshoppers, tons of weeds, and poor soil conditions. They have been in their present location for 3 years and finally we are getting LOTs of succulent fruit. The deer are fenced out and Cindy has been able to grab the berries BEFORE the birds get to them. I'm not sure if the large number of berries is due to finally getting the plants established in the right place or the late spring rain. I'm simply delighted to enjoy a delicious strawberry-banana smoothie every morning.
Oh, and I'm grateful to my diligent strawberry picker, Cindy.


Cindy said...

YES, we are getting a lot this year, and they have only just begun! I wondered why I wasn't buying you frozen fruit anymore for your smoothies...glad you are using the strawberries.

Anonymous said...

Are you making lots of strawberry jam? Remember Grace making Blackberry jams/jellies. Janie planted Blueberries when they moved into their home (FINALLY) and harvested a few yesterday.. Exciting.. Think of you often, just don't write.. hope all is well and good, even with snow. love A/J