Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jenny's Triathlon-Inspiring

Inspiring is the only word that works to describe Jenny's triathlon. She smiled her way through the entire event and took 3rd in her age group. That smile was possible because she knew she was fit! She'd trained all summer and had the muscles to prove it. Watching Jenny had Raleigh, Cody, Kyle, and even me dreaming about doing it next year. It was really AWESOME! Here are some pictures including one with friends Tamra and Diana who also participated.


Cindy said...

You did a dynamite job of taking pictures too!! Way to go Jenny on placing 3rd! Quite the accomplishment!

taylor said...

i'm not so sure i knew i was fit, but was hoping and praying my work would pay off :) thank you SO much for coming all that way so early! i loved having you there... and yes, thanks for the pictures. looking forward to participating with you next year!

thanks cindy, i am pleased with my results for sure.