Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2nd Born

Today is Culley's birthday. Thirty-six years ago when he was born during a heat wave and county-wide power failure, I was delighted to have a boy child. His arrival meant that I had one child of each gender. I can't remember if I had hopes and dreams for this child. but I do know that all he has become is certainly better than anything I could have imagined.

Here are a few things that I admire about my 2nd born:

  • He taught himself to play the banjo and is the major impetus behind a weekly music night;
  • He bakes bread all winter and made superb dinner rolls for Thanksgiving this year;
  • He enjoys food preparation, everything from making sauerkraut to creative sandwiches for lunch;
  • He gardens with gusto and intelligence, trying out all manner of plants and methods;
  • He developed a successful website that is related to teaching--Flashcard Exchange;
  • He partnered with Andrea, one of the most beautiful women I know who taught me how to not to take Culley's grumpiness personally;
  • He adores his children and cuddles them with glee;
  • He's a smart money manager and watches the US (and world) economic horizon skeptically;
  • He takes care of me, giving generously at unexpected moments.

I love the way Culley latches on to an idea or project with his heart and soul, eating, drinking, and thinking it to fruition.

Happy Birthday my son!!

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