Monday, July 7, 2008


Boy, I sure have accomplished a lot staying close to home and waiting for this baby to come. Here is a bulleted list of the big stuff I've done.

  • Completed several major writing projects and wrote 3 play reviews;
  • Organized all of my freelance business files;
  • Created a marketing plan for my book that's due to arrive any day;
  • Organized my computer files;
  • Moved plants in the yard (transplanting is among my favorite garden tasks);
  • Worked on my drip irrigation system, repairing drippers and adding water where needed;
  • Planted seeds to create a patio oasis that mimics the urban meadow I saw in Portland;
  • Cleaned up several unsightly nooks and corners in my yard;
  • Hauled off 2 trash cans and 2 wheelbarrows full of slash;
  • Assisted our elderly neighbor with some yard work he can no longer manage;
  • Washed and cleaned all of the yard furniture;
  • Helped Cindy repair a leaky faucet;
  • Returned items to OSH and Payless Shoe Source;

And we did all the usual stuff, like paying bills, doing the laundry and the big monthly shopping excursion. Cindy even commented that I didn't have my usual pained expression as we did the shopping, except maybe when we were in Wal-Mart which was so crowded it was claustrophobic.

I've also caught up on reading my periodicals, including reading the newspaper cover to cover each night. I've read 2 books and done some research in a few others. I've surfed the Internet and caught up on email. And we've watched a couple of movies and more than half a season of "Bones," a program about a forensic anthropologist that my sister watches that sounded fun so I rented it from Netflix.

This extreme level of efficiency feels great. Just wish I could maintain it after the baby arrives.

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