Friday, June 26, 2009

June Is Slipping Away

June is slipping away and will definitely go on record as having the fewest number of blog entries since Twilightme started. However, I can't let the month pass without doing a post on this month's celebrants: Cody & Taylor.

Way back at the beginning of the month, we gathered to celebrate their birthdays in their other grandma's backyard. The setting recalled to mind Cody's first birthday which was also celebrated in this back yard. Time has flown and that little Gerber baby is now 14! He and his beautiful sister Taylor shared a cake and a place on the swing where they opened gifts. Taylor celebrated her first birthday up the street in the house where she has lived her entire 12 years. Let me offer just a few adjectives to describe these two: smart, talented, good-looking, mannerly, conversant, helpful, funny, energetic, wonderful!!!

In addition to turning 14, Cody also graduated from 8th grade this month. I'd have to say that the ceremony for his class of 6 graduating BOYS was one of the best I've ever attended. Each boy had a special role in the ceremony. Cody arranged a song and accompanied his dad on guitar as he sang. What an arresting conclusion to this sweet graduation. There was no way I could hold back tears of pride and admiration as my son and grandson performed together.

OK I cry easily . . . especially when it comes to witnessing landmarks in the life of my family.

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jenny said...

thanks for this sweet post. i share your teary emotion every time i think of the evening.