Sunday, July 5, 2009

Morning Routine

One of the best things about the two vacations we went on in May and June was my morning routine. I got up early every morning and sipped a cup of tea while I read the Dharma. Then I meditated, followed by yoga and/or a walk. Because there was no ready computer access, I didn't feel the technology tug to which I've become addicted. This routine was deeply satisfying and I was determined to maintain the practice when I got home.

So far so good but the fallout is that I'm not blogging. I used to get up, brew the tea, and then check my email and post a blog while I sipped my tea. SIGH . . . I really miss blogging. There were so many June events that slipped by without a post: birthday trips with Taylor, Kyle, Leon & Aliou, Rex's graduation from high school, a great work day with Taylor and Cody, a wonderful Dharma week and Dokusan with Nancy, Father's Day weekend, the first time Clare was left in my care, Cindy's broken toe, the Pride Picnic, big changes in my writing group . . . and on and on.

So I really want to get back to blogging so I've decided to blog before I go to bed. The downside to this plan might be incoherence as I usually push the envelope, extending my day until I'm almost delirious and generally smashing into the wall.

But I want it all: a morning routine, a dizzily busy life, AND blogging, so if you'll excuse the typos and some possible non sequiters, this is the launch of night time blogging.

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Cindy said...

You go girl! I'm proud of you for getting so much accomplished this weekend, and STILL writing a blog. Oh-and that awesome job at cleaning your office carpet!! You are hire to do the rest of the house now...:)