Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Done Deal

In case you didn't notice the word meter to the right, the clip art to the left says it all.
In the words of Anne Lamott, I wrote a "shitty first draft." Ta Da!
Now, I'm going to spend the morning in my alter ego as the pruning lady. In a week or so, I'll sneak a peak at Memo and decide if the whole mess is worth revision so "my novel" can make an appearance in the larger world.


Owl2u said...

The LAST thing your first draft is is "shitty!" The first four chapters (that's all I heard so far) are fun and exciting! I can't wait to hear the rest of what you have. I'm REALLY proud of you for finishing the 50,000 words, Patricia. Quite the accomplishment, and you made it look painless!

Mary Meriam said...

I'm impressed, Patricia! Best of luck with your ms. Remember LW if you feel like workshopping anything.