Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

From the inside out, I offer gratitude to:

  • My body for the ultimate in service and to my spiritual and physical care-takers, Nancy, Cherie, Christian, & Jay.
  • Cindy, partner extraordinaire, whose loving kindness is sheer joy every single day, whose dearness tickles my funny bone and whips my heart with happiness.
  • My children and their spouses and my grandkids, who fill me with immeasurable delight, generous dollops of play, and just the right sprinkling of challenge.
  • My brothers and sisters, who despite distant and infrequent contact, remind me so much of me and where I've been in this life time.
  • My extended family the Dixons whose huge arms hug me close and keep me ever so warm and safe.
  • My amazing network of friends with whom I play, work, meditate, exercise, write, garden, serve, laugh, cry, think, and grow.
  • My neighbors and community who are generous of spirit and helpful when I least expect it.
  • The bigger world which pulsates with the possibility of greater goodness. . .

To all of this, I offer the love that is expressed and experienced every where this day.



Owl2u said...

What an amazing blog entry! I also give thanks to you for your love, support, understanding, warmth, kindness, guidance, knowledge, truthfulness, playfulness, and patience! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Andrea said...

You with your kindness, perspective and gratitude. I wish everyone was you.