Thursday, November 8, 2007


One instruction often told to writers is: Write what you know. Since this instruction works well for me, I made of a list of places and activities to plumb this week for novel material:

  • The Precept Ceremony and Bodhisattva training class,
  • Working with August on taxonomy and Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven,"
  • Time spent with Leon, Aliou, and Athan at a preschool child development screening,
  • Helping Cindy construct a standee for the film Atonement at the Regal Crown Cinema
  • Pruning roses at Greenhorn Creek in Angels Camp,
  • Consulting with the chiropractor about my psoas injury and subsequent lower back spasm,
  • Visiting Little Red School House and observing a game of Red Rover and a writing lesson centered on the Declaration of Independence,
  • Yoga class with a closing chant—Deep Peace-- lead by Julie while I laid in savasana,
  • Meeting Arlyn for a 2 hour write-in at Starbucks, which incidentally offered the opportunity to eavesdrop on a gathering of teens who are the same age as some of the characters in my novel.

And tonight, Cindy and I are going to go play Bingo to help me write a scene that popped onto the page yesterday from goodness knows where . . .

My life is providing fodder for my fledgling novel. And though I still haven't inserted a murder, I'm pretty sure that I know how it's going to make its way in AND better yet, how my sleuth is going to accidently get involved in its solution.

Busy-ness is certainly a source for material though I'm looking forward to down time on the weekend when I can spend more time writing.


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