Sunday, February 17, 2008

17 Syllables

I found this cool blog that has a page called sentences. The introduction to the page is a weird comment on the 17 syllable American sentence that I didn't really understand, but I love the sentences the blogger wrote. (The blog is called The Polka Dot Witch Blog if you want to go take a look.)

I want to write 17 syllable sentences. Here I go:

Weekend chores like car washing, laundry, and taxes are necessary.

Deer beware: 5 roses are transplanted behind a fence; 3 to go.

Ashley's cedar tree is mulched with leaf and bark; her headstone is in place.

Two ravens waddled and flirted in the parking lot at 6 am.

If the sentences sound Haiku-like, that's because haiku is also 17 syllables: 5+7+5=17.


1 comment:

Cindy said...

Two women doing yard and house work, are busy but are having fun.

I did it!

Of course, I like your Ashley one the best!
Thanks for returning to you Twilightme...we lost you for a while! I'm also glad you are feeling much better!