Monday, February 25, 2008

Huck on Harmony

There is no doubt that I'm biased, but I do believe my grandson Huck is a musical prodigy. He is only four, but the kid is totally enamored with making music and STUDYING those who make music. He owns several small instruments, and he can sit beside an adult who is playing the mandolin, for instance, and mimic every chord change and every nuance of picking and strumming. Huck is drawn to anyone playing music and will sit engaged, watching and/or playing his own instrument, for a very long time.

Once, when he had just turned 3, I took him to the Mariposa County Fair. He wanted to do two things: ride the kiddie motorcycles round and round and sit at the music pavilion in the front row and watch the musicians. We must have sat watching the music for more than an hour. He was 3 years old.

Every Thursday night he goes to music night at Granddaddy's, and when the musicians gather round the music stand, Huck is front and center, eyes on the lead guitarist copying every move. His foot taps in perfect time and he sings out joyfully.

In my imagination, I hear an emcee sometime off in the future, introducing a band with this comment: "And Huck on Harmony."


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Owl2u said...

I can vouch for this boy...he is amazing!! I've never seen a kid with such patience and determination, and he is outright, a GREAT musician! Plus, he cute to watch...:)Go, Huckster!