Saturday, February 16, 2008

Business As Usual

After 10 days of recovering from my little ear surgery, life returned to normal this week. Coming from a slightly different vantage point—that of slug on a couch—the usual routine looks filled to capacity. No wonder my body decided to take advantage of the hiatus.

Business as usual the week included: 3 yoga class; 4 appointments for freelance work; 3 home-school appointments; 2 lengthy stints assisting Cindy with resets (4-5 hours each); a doctor appointment; a morning with Huckleberry while his folks did a walk through at the Waldorf School; a meeting with a graphics designer about the cover for my book; a gazillion phone calls and email regarding 3 feature articles I'm working on; finishing a Tall Tale for ABC Teach; finishing the Reading Guide for my book; prepping for our Valentine's date (which we delayed until Feb. 15 because we were too wasted on the 14th), and if I count Sunday as part of the week, pruning 3 trees, transplanting 4 rose buses and a lilac, and hauling away the slash.

The weekend will involve reordering after the busy week. There are piles of laundry and compost to deal with. Since my practice is to create a bag to carry materials for the various events, I now have to empty those bags: the yoga bag; the Democrat bag; the homeschool bag; the lunch bag; the KleenSlate bag; the backpack with a slew of miscellaneous folders and receipts that need to be properly filed—my tax gal (Cindy) is a stickler about keeping those receipts filed. Then there is the check book to catch up on, i.e. recording the ATMs. And I'd love to wash the cars, and I HAVE to check on my transplants and see how they weathered the windstorm last week which littered the yard with branches (the yard I just raked clean of storm debris). Oh and I have to assist Cindy with a mystery shop and I want to get the twins' birthday pictures printed.

That's life . . .


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Cindy said...

I'm tired from just reading everything you/we did...:) I know what you mean rest for the wicked! It seems like there is always more, more, more to do. It was nice kicking back and watching a little TV last night though, so maybe this new week will have a little more of that...we will see. Thanks for coming back to your blog entries, Patricia.