Friday, September 5, 2008


When you turn 5, you get to go to Kindergarten, so I had the pleasure of joining Huck on his first morning at Sierra Waldorf School. Pictures show Huck and mom putting blankets and rain boots away in the appropriate cubbies after which we went outside to the central area to watch the opening day ceremony.

After the ceremony at Waldorf, Cindy and I traveled to Mariposa to spend the first anniversary of Ashley's death with family. In memory of Ashely, we traveled to her favorite spot, "Angel Falls." Ashely had on several occasions urged her grandma to climb to the top of the falls to see the view from the top, so we all decided to take the challenge. We hiked up, up, up to where the granite slopped gently and was deeply carved by rushing water. There were huge pools of snow-chilled water and the lovely scent of cedar and pine. After resting and enjoying the beauty, we headed back down and gathered in a shady glen for a picnic lunch. Ashely's spirit was omnipresent in the laughter of family and the energy of the climb.

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