Friday, September 26, 2008

Split Shift

On Thursdays, Cindy and I work a split shift. I go to work at the college at 8am and leave at noon to pick up Huck and Nell at the Waldorf School. Then we go to my house. At 2, Cindy comes home from work and I go back to teach a class at the college. Then at 4:30, she takes the kids to granddaddy's for music night and I meet everyone there.

Andrea says that on Thursday afternoons we should just go about our normal home activities and that we don't have to entertain Huck and Nell, but the truth is that they entertain us. Here are some pictures to prove it. The first one shows them in a game that Huck calls "pigs in rug." Nell is sticking out the top while Huckle is sticking out the bottom. Next is sand art at the counter using a bunch of stuff Cindy got from free-cycle. After I went back to work, they made cookies with Cindy. Here they are in front of the oven watching them bake. The deal was they had to wait to eat them until they went to Granddaddy's where they would share them at music night. Huck ate all of his dinner in anticipation of the "big" cookie he had shaped just for himself.

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