Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Full Circles

The longer one lives, the more full circles one experiences. Twenty-six years ago, I was hired at Columbia College as the Learning Disability Specialist on a 60 % contract, which translates to 18 hours a week. This week I started a part-time temporary job at the College serving as LD Specialist for 18 hours a week for the Fall semester.

But the circle doesn't stop there. My boss for the position and the person who hired me was once my assistant. She's now the Director of the Program. And the position she once held is being temporarily filled by another retiree who long ago served as the Program Assistant with us. I have this great picture of the 3 of us in 1988 with the the DSP&S staff around the office Christmas tree.

So here we are--3 much older women--trying to right a sinking ship, using our considerable experience and skill to make the operation seaworthy again. We've each shifted position and assumed different postures, but we know all the right moves and it is quite pleasurable to work side-by-side with these two in a common effort, knowing almost without words what to do each step of the way.

I was a tiny bit sad to come out of retirement and take this job, but as always the thrill that I get when I'm part of a team wiped away the sadness and replaced it deep satisfaction.

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