Sunday, October 5, 2008

Open House

Andrea and her office mate Katherine held an open house at their downtown Sonora space this weekend.

Climbing the steep stairs to a suite of offices above Hammond Shoe Store, I wondered what this space would look like. Cindy and I followed the sound of children's laughter and adult conversation. We found chairs set up in the hallway along with a table of goodies (chocolate covered strawberries and strangely spiraled slices of raw beets to name a few).

A quick turn at this point in the hall takes visitors into their office where amazing light flows through casement windows that open onto Courthouse Park. The light is yellow-green from the leafy boughs of trees and mingles wonderfully with the decor of the room which centers around a colorfully upholstered chair. A big cushy couch and an interesting array of artwork make the first room quite inviting. Add a small table for kids' play and a book case with baskets of art supplies and toys and you've got a perfect setting for pre-natal visits with Andrea.

Katherine's massage table sits in the center of the second room. Gauzy fabric drapes from the ceiling and once again the light in the room would coax ease and relaxation out of even the most uptight. A small closet houses a cute little sink. Both rooms have pictures of children and family which made the small children sprawling on the floor amidst grown-up chatter a clear statement about how these women combine family and work.

We planned on staying for 15-20 minutes, but the setting was so inviting we lingered for over an hour. I'm sure Andrea & Katherine will having thriving practices in this space, gifting the community with their gentle expertise.

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Anne said...

Thirty years ago I dreamed of something like this in cute downtown Sonora.
Now here it is - accomoplished by one of my relatives - How wonderful!