Friday, October 31, 2008

Prayer for Goodwill

It's truly scary when my friend's Obama sign is ripped from her yard night after night. Why? It's just a sign speaking one household's opinion. Isn't that what the US and freedom of speech allows and respects?

This morning so many of the blogs I read are discussing fear mongering and viciousness with regard to the election. One blog writer told about her friend who is volunteering in the Obama campaign in Littleton, Colorado. Here is part of a letter this volunteer Laurie Adams wrote to friends:

I am writing this to you now because, in the midst of one of the most vicious political weeks I’ve experienced, I hope everyone can still feel a little of what this election should be about, and is about, among the people who are working for and voting for an Obama/Biden ticket. Out here in highly Republican Jefferson County, it is easy for me to feel overwhelmed at this point by the cynicism and negativity, the racism, and lies that are informing a lot of people’s decisions.
People’s yard signs get stolen each night, a woman told me to “go away . . . he is an evil, evil man.” College educated people admit, “but what if he really does have ties to Al Qaida?” I don’t know what it feels like other places, but I’m afraid that things are getting overwhelmingly bitter and mean (and potentially dangerous). And so I am also asking you to take some time each day for the next 6 days to offer a prayer or some silent intention, a chant, a song, or whatever you have, for this country, for this world, and for everyone to stay SANE, to stay calm, to have open hearts and courage. I want to feel the power of caring love is stronger out there than the power of fear and self-interest. Please.

Won't you please join me in a prayer of goodwill for our country and for the supreme good intentions of both candidates?

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marsha said...

I wish people wouldn't be so hateful.