Saturday, December 13, 2008

Everybody Loves a Parade

The small town of Tuolumne City has a dear Christmas Parade each year. Cindy and I along with Huck and Nell stood with the town's people in the frosty December night under a glorious full moon, enjoying the floats and the Summerville marching band.

The Tippett family donned angel and shephard costums and rode on the St. Joseph's float. Baby Clare wrapped in a blanket in Anna Mae's arms, formed a tableau of Mary with the baby Jesus. A huge green banner reminded onlookers: "Tis the Reason for the Season."

After the parade, we all went to a festival in the Memorial Hall where the kids sat on Santa's lap, decorated a Christmas cookie, and then climbed in the bleechers. We made a stop on the way home to enjoy some of the Christmas lights at a spot I had visited on the Special Event bus tour the night before.

As the house fills with the aroma of baking cookies today, I'd have to say that the spirit of Christmas is definitely parading through the month.

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