Tuesday, December 23, 2008


In February 2007, my dear friend Wendy A. was diagnosed with kidney failure. At the time of her diagnosis, doctors declared that she was already at end-stage failure and eligible for dialysis.

Wendy A. met this diagnosis head-on. Terribly weakened by the kidney failure, she nevertheless garnered her incredible personal resources and stamina for she was determined to NOT do dialysis until it was absolutely necessary. She conducted Interntet research and quizzed doctors and nurses about her condition. She adopted a diet that would keep her kidneys from working hard and reduce the side effects of high blood pressure and high cholesterol that resulted from her failing kidneys. She made regular massage and accupuncturue appointments and spent time in her hot tub warming her body and relaxing her spirit. She let people help her--she who was always, always, forever helping others. And she assumed a reasonable and moderate exercise program the helped her regain the strength she had been steadily losing for months. The exercise program worked so well that she was able to do some hiking in the summer, one of life's greatest pleasures for Wendy A.

She also went through a rigorous screening to see if she was a good candidate for a kidney transplant. She was! And her sisters began testing to see if they could donate a kidney to her. Neither of them were viable donors, but on a momentous hike during the summer of 2007, another friend-- Wendy P.-- told Wendy A. that she would like to be in-queue as a potential donor.

Two years later, having avoided dialysis by an incredible regime and healthy life style changes, and after a roller coaster of medical, mental, and physical preparations, TODAY is the day that Wendy P. will give Wendy A. a kidney.

Please hold these two women gently and easily in a circle of prayer and love. See them both hiking in the high Sierra next summer: noble friend Wendy P. and fully recovered Wendy A.

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Jennie Lou said...

This brings tears to my eyes and makes me ask myself if I could do that. Hmm.