Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good Bye VW

Today, I say good bye to my Volkswagon. It's been a marvelous four years. Getting the VW was one of those life time "must-dos"--you know, actualizing a dream no matter how frivolous or impractical just for the sake of pure enjoyment. That's the story of the VW for me.

Pictured below are some of my favorite memories of the VW. Foremost, without a doubt was Huck's childish delight when I picked him right after I bought the Volkswagon. I'll never forget his clear pronunciation of the full name of the car and how he would sit in the driver's seat and steer and push buttons. I like to think he's early appreciation of cars orginated from the day.

Then there was the day Ashley and Sabrina rode with us to a graduation at the Mariposa fairgrounds. I can't remember whose graduation it was, but I do remember that the girls wanted the top down and didn't care what effect it had on their hair.

The grandkids always loved a trip in the VW, so one time at the cabin I took kids two-by-two for rides with the top down. Look how young Mary Autumn and August are!

One of my favorite trips in the VW was one summer when Cindy and I drove over the pass. There was snow at the summit when we stopped for lunch and we had a snowball fight. This is self-timed picture of that glorious day.

So it is with mixed feelings that I return the VW to the dealer today. It's been wonderfully reliable, a smooth ride, and oh so adorable. I'll miss the frequent comments: "Cute car!"

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