Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hello Subaru

How lucky am I to have an amazingly skillful son to get the Subaru in running order?? Not only did Raleigh change out the engine and many other parts, he and Cody did a nice job of cleaning both interior and exterior before delivery.

The first drive around Rawhide Mobile Homepark offered a strange deja vu for once a Subaru owner always Subaru-familiar. It was definitely a flashback-- the way my body sat in the seat, the way the steering wheel managed the car, and even the knocky noises of the undercarriage were oddly familiar. At the same time, the shift from a 4-year-old car to a 14-year-old car was clearly apparent! I think it will take a few months for me to situate myself directly in the role of old car owner.

In the mean time, I'm eager to fill the Subaru with all the little things that make a car mine: glovebox paraphernalia, YCCD parking permit, Ipod do-dads, sunglasses, and seatbelt guard. I need to program the radio to my stations and adjust the mirrors to my viewing satisfaction.

For your part . . . you will have to look harder to find me out on the road in the sea of local Subarus . . . I'm one of many in an older red stationwagon Legacy.

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culley harrelson said...

hey I have a 14 year old subaru too!