Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birthday Weekend

We are back from our 10 days of self-indulgence and deep relaxation and starting a weekend filled with birthday celebrations. Saturday we will honor five birthdays in my family and Sunday we go to Mariposa to acknowledge May birthdays in Cindy's family. We spent our first two days home working on gifts and cards and cake baking.

Today we celebrate these people:

Anna Mae (4-25) JL's oldest daughter had strep throat on her real birthday and missed the family trip to Great America, but she's recovered now and awaiting apple pie and ice cream as her birthday "cake" today. Mae and I enjoy a special connection and can talk on the phone almost as long as her mother and I can, rarely running out of things to discuss.

Nell (5-7) Culley's daughter turned 4 and had a little girl party on her real birthday. She gave Cindy and me a complete rundown of the party and sleep-over when we picked her up from school yesterday, complete with full-on hand gestures and facial expression the told much of the story.

Patricia/Dearma (5-10) turns 61 tomorrow and her birthday gift was an incredible Mexico vacation.

Sandy (5-9) is Raymond's niece who recently migrated west with her partner John and is dearly beloved by every single grandchild and envied by me for her nomadic life, living in an RV and securing wonderful positions as camp host at local parks.

John (5-18) My little brother is turning 60 this year and he hasn't had a birthday party in 20+ years according to him.

Sunday in Mariposa we celebrate:

Sandie (5-1) Cindy's sister shares a birth month with me and our similar Taurus behaviors are often critiqued by Cindy and her Mom--in a word we are both bullheaded :)

Sabrina (5-18) Sandie's daughter and Cindy's neice, the baby of her family who excells as softball pitcher and wry humorist. This kid's wit is exceptional.

Michelle (5-18) Cindy's niece who has a tendency to screw up a lot but who has a lovable and endearing nature that makes her always huggable.

Cheryl (5-30) Married to Cindy's nephew Tommy, she is a fierce survivor who mothers her beautiful daughters with equally fierce love.

Jimmy (5-21) Cindy's brother who we are not celebrating because he is Jehovah's Wintess but who nevertheless was born in May :)

And of course we are celebrating MOTHERS on Sunday. Bless them all!

Looking forward to visiting my mom at Carter's Cemetery either today or Monday! Wonder what she would think of her hugely burgeoning family?

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