Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Mexico Vacation- Part 2

We are settling into a vacation routine, not unlike our weekend routine at home: I get up early, we spend the middle of the day and early evening together, and Cindy stays up late. The notable difference is what we do during our solitary time since we don't have Internet at the house. I get up and sip tea, write in my journal and read poetry, then do yoga. Cindy spends her late evening working on a book she's been thinking about for months or out on the upper patio (bocana) listening to her audiobook in her white fleece jacket under the stars.

Mid-day is LAZY! We stroll in the neighborhood, do a little housekeeping, sun bathe, nap, and read. We went shopping down town for a while once and have walked to the mini-Mercado for milk. Every evening, we watch the sunset. I'm afraid to climb the ladder to the roof, so Cindy took pictures for me, while I watched from the second story. Yesterday, we drove to the beach for the sunset.

In the evening, we play games (I beat Cindy at Scrabble) or watch a movie on DVD. We are enjoying the true meaning of vacation: to vacate our previously over-full life in exchange for easygoing living.

Pictured below:
Cindy teasing waves.
Patricia attempting a self-timed picture on the beach when the camera fell and she lunged to stay in view;
My favorite view of the house with the bougainvillea growing over the arches of the patio;
The road in front of the house from the roof (must climb that ladder).

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