Friday, January 8, 2010


We interrupted our routine at Wallys to go hopping. At least that's what Cindy called it. First, we hopped among stores: trying on clothes at Marshalls, purusing the Dollar Store, choosing new shower curtain and towels at Bed, Bath & Beyond for the bathroom Becky is painting while we are gone; and going to Penney's which carries our favorite underwear brand (since the closing of Mervyns and Gottschalks at home, we had been able to replace the ratty things accumulating in our drawers).

Then we went for a late lunch at Applebee's. From there we hopped to the movie theater for an early show: Invictus. The last time we came to Wally's, we saw Morgan Freeman in The Bucket List. We were happy to see him again this time. He made a superb Nelson Mandella. The movie was wonderful in weepy, happy kind of way.

Then we hopped back the Applebees for dessert. Chocolate Lava Cake! Our FAVE!! While we were there we decided to go back to the theater to see The Blind Side. It was a cute movie with a parallel theme to Invictus and also based on a true story.

On the way back to Wally's, we talked about how popular true stories are in the movies these days, just like non-fiction books and I guess reality TV. We also realized it was the first time either of us had done a double feature at the theater in a VERY long time.

Vacations offer lots of room for spontaneous hopping from place to place. FUN for sure!

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