Thursday, January 7, 2010

How We Play

We have fallen into a sweet little routine over here in Nevada. I get up early each morning and go for a long walk before heading to water aerobics while Cindy sleeps in. After breakfast, we do a little sightseeing in the nearby town of Genoa or over in Minden. We come back to the condo for lunch, after which I take a nap and Cindy goes to one of the small local casinos. (Lady Luck accompanies her; once again she's won enough to pay for our vacation.) After my nap, I do some writing until she comes back and we fix dinner. Our evenings have two parts. First, we work on a memorial project that we are doing for Ashley. Then we click on our little gas fireplace and curl up to read for a few hours. After I fall asleep, Cindy has a little bowl of ice cream and checks her email.

The next day it starts all over.

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anna mae t. said...

I'd love to have such a relaxing schedule!!!