Sunday, January 17, 2010


After watching Andrea knit several gifts for people, including cute little socks for Juniper, I was inspired to learn to knit. I inquired about classes at the local yarn shop, By Hand Yarn, and learned that an ultra beginner class was being offered the second Saturday in January. After writing "Learn to Knit" on my 2010 goals, I emailed Anna Mae to see if she wanted to go with me. I hate going new places by myself and knew that Anna Mae is generally eager to try anything new, so I thought she would make a good companion. She emailed back in a matter of minutes, saying, "Yes!" So I signed us up.

We got there more than an half hour early, and it was a good thing because the teacher said it was the largest beginner class she had ever taught. I guess others made learning to knit a new year's resolution too. Our teacher Candice helped us select yarn and needles. We took our seats at the table, and she cast on the first row for us and then quickly showed us how to do the basic knit stitch. By the time other members of the class arrived, we were already knitting a second row.

Anna Mae zoomed along, knitting a loose relaxed stitch and chatting with the other women at our table. Meanwhile, I sat in deep concentration knitting tight, uniformed stitches that I counted at the end of each row to ensure that I still had the requisite 25 stitches. The teacher stopped by periodically to offer encouragement and suggestions. By the end of class, we were both immensely satisfied with our progress and envisioning future projects. I saw myself making 30 or 40 scarves, and Anna Mae was already in the throes of designing knit dresses for Clare and herself.

Time will tell how we do, but I can happily report that I sat knitting before bed last night, while my tea steeped this morning, and also later in the car when I got to meditation before the hall was unlocked. I'm making headway with my little scarf and getting a tad bit more relaxed with my stitch. Maybe someday I'll look and feel the part of a knitting grandmother

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Krista said...

Knitting is such an addiction once you start. I've been at it a year but im only still making washclothes and scarves haha. The joy of the internet is there are lots of free patterns all over! Best of luck knitting!