Sunday, April 20, 2008


In January, I put the amaryllis that I had forced for Christmas out on the back deck, intending to dry it out and save it for next year. Unbeknownst to me, Cindy kept watering it and now it is blooming more spectacularly than it did in December. Needless to say, it is back in the house.

I was assigned to review Steel Magnolias which opened this past weekend at Stage 3. The house manager seated all of the "press" together: reviewers from the Democrat, the Mountain Times and the Calaveras Enterprise. It was fun chatting with the other reviewers, and I can't wait to read their take on the play which I thought was quite well done. My review will be in Thursday's paper. In another small town story, the associate producer for this production was KleenSlate Concepts, another of my clients.

My grandson August ran the Old Mill Run on Saturday. He came in 1st in his age group and 17th in the race over all. He really has the running bug and I totally get it. Being in Columbia for the start and the finish of that race sure set my muscle memory astir. I would love to run a race with him. Wonder if these old hip bones would hold up for a 10K??

The yard is languishing in the rush of all that I committed to last week and this upcoming week. There is so much to do outside. I'm dying to plant stuff in my new wine barrels, and I bought a flat of succulents at the Native Rock Garden Society sale. I have lots to do in the new fenced garden so it will be ready for planting by Mother's Day, and the lawn needs to be mowed. I aim to do one small thing a day this week, and I'm giving myself the week before my birthday to spend almost every day in the yard.

Hopefully the acute case of allergies that I have going will be gone by then. The oak pollen has really attacked me this year: sneezing, stuffed up, and even asthma for a couple days. We washed the cars last week, and they aren't covered with yellow-green pollen yet, so maybe the pollen drop has subsided.

Onward and forward into the new week. I'm going shopping for food for Nell who is spending the night on Monday. She'll be going on the Harrelson field trip to Uncle Andy's. It will be hard to concentrate on ditches with such cuteness present but we'll do our best.


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