Monday, April 28, 2008

Retirement Anniversary

This past weekend marked my one year anniversary in retirement. Being the goal oriented woman that I am, I had a clear idea of what I would do when I retired. My plan was to spend more time with my family, my garden, and my writing. If this past week is any measure, I'm right on track with those plans. Here are some pictures to illustrate.

Monday: What teacher Cherie called a "family tree" at yoga class with me, Uncle John, and August.

Tuesday: A homeschool field trip with Uncle Andy to study the ditch system in Tuolumne County. Andy took this picture during our hike of Taylor, me, Nell, Cody, Candice, Jenny, Kyle, and .

Wednesday and Thursday were spent on big writing projects of which I have 3 that are due this week. No pictures of me writing as all the color was hopefully happening in my head. Friday was Anna Mae's birthday and Bonnie and Fred arrived for the weekend. (I already wrote about our trip to the Celebration & Remembrance Event).

On Sunday I was gifted with major help in my garden when Bonnie & Fred and friends Becky & Marianne worked all day helping me build beds in my newly enlarged fenced garden.

My life may be a bit over full but it is truly blessed.

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