Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Write Work

This week I've been focused on my writing work. The variety is great but as with everything, I bump into annoying parts of myself. Like the journalistic work I'm doing right now requires that I conduct a lot of phone interviews. I intensely dislike making phone calls. I feel like the phone is the most intrusive invention ever made. You never know what is happening in the life of the person whom you are calling. I actually breathe a sigh of relief when I get an answering machine because then I can state my business and the person can call me back at his/her convenience. The only problem is that much of the time I don't get a call back which means I have to call again. SIGH . . . and I'm back to dread of dialing. So I've told Cindy to shoot me if I ever accept another assignment like this one that requires beaucoup calls.

Another annoying thing about me is procrastination. Sure, I do reasonably good work under pressure but wouldn't it be easier if I did the work according to a schedule? Oh, I plan out the work in nice tidy increments. I just don't stick to the plan, so that means that when I finally get to work, time is short and the task becomes all-consuming.

Then there is the fact that I think I can do things I'm untrained for and have no experience with. That ups the ante considerably as I scramble to research and learn while trying to complete a project on time. The part of me that is SO certain she "knows" simply does not show up when it's time to do the job, and so the worker bee loses sleep over how to get the job done, all the while thinking up creative excuses for why something is taking longer than expected.

Come to think of it, all three jobs I'm working on this week fit into that category. Who is it who thinks she knows? Will she please step off the bus and let me ride leisurely to the beach or somewhere else relaxing?


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