Sunday, April 27, 2008

Modern Medicine

On Tuesday, Nell and I moved our bodies, skipped our feet, and swirled scarves in a vigil dance while Huckle underwent surgery. For 3 hours, with stops for food and drink and giggling, we danced with joyful hearts. Huckle came through the surgery beautifully and had the best of reports in terms of when he might need another one. Nell and I kept dancing!

Yesterday, Bonnie & Fred and Cindy & I put on the tee-shirts that Cindy made in December--the ones that picture Ashley with the words "Do Random Acts of Kindness in Memory of Ashley Sala." Then we drove to Hayward for a Celebration & Remembrance Ceremony for the families of organ donors. We sat with 1100 people who, like us, were simultaneously filled with grief and pride regarding our loved one's donation. I started crying as soon as I opened the thick program and began reading about those named and pictured --282 California donors in 2007. Dancers and singers and speakers acknowledged the amazing gift of life that Ashley and the other donors gave at the end of their lives. A stream of organ recipients mounted the stage to offer their heartfelt thanks. As the ceremony progressed, I felt an amazing net of grace cover all of us in that huge auditorium.

Modern medicine is miraculous but nothing beats the wonder of people gathering and dancing in celebration.

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