Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Blitz

Cindy and I keep a pretty tidy house, but over the past few weeks things have gotten out of control. When we came home from our respective day's work yesterday, what we saw was pretty intolerable: piles of unread newspapers, magazines, and mail; half emptied boxes and bags from my trip to Baker station; Cindy's car-tote with all of her work related paraphernalia; piles of videos she'd acquired from free-cycle; bags and bags of decorations and other stuff for the book launch; all of my DSP&S review materials spread on the dining room table. The counter was strewn with Baker Station notes, my unfinished grade report, a Paperback book swap mailer that needed attention; unfilled prescriptions and empty supplement bottles, change for the change jar, and two broken micro-tape-recorders from work on the Columbia College memory project. In the laundry room, there were piles of campfire smoked blankets and clothing waiting to be washed once the clean laundry on top of the dryer was put away. Our offices each had their own unique messes of un-attended business. The floors were gritty with tracked in debris--smashed oleander blossoms, grass cuttings, sand and dirt from camp boxes, not to mention drips of liquid antibiotic from Cindy's attempts to medicate Ebby in my absence (that's my job and she failed miserably while I was gone).

Without speaking a word, we looked at each other and commenced a BLITZ: a 20-minute work-as-fast-as-you-can session to get things orderly. After 20 minutes when things were looking pretty darn good, she grabbed the vacuum and I the broom and after another 10 minutes we were sitting in a reasonably clean house once again. WHEW!

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