Monday, August 4, 2008

Work & Play

The family handyman arrived yesterday, and 6 Tippetts and Huckle came along with him to visit Dearma. While Michael dealt with plumbing and electrical problems, I played with the kids . . . err well, I kept up with the kids. Here are some pictures that show the action.
  1. The kiddie pool on the lawn. (When I was putting sun screen on everyone, Anna Mae asked if black skin needed sun screen as I slathered it on Leon and Aliou. "Not, really," I said, "but they want what everyone else is getting.")
  2. Gianna launching bubbles via the bubble machine while everyone pops them with water guns.
  3. Cindy's Garfield collections is an ever popular feature of a visit to Dearma's.
  4. Michael at work on the plumbing
  5. Huck and I all tuckered out after the Tippetts left (We were actually trying to watch Finding Nemo, but we both fell asleep.)
  6. There are no pictures of Mary Autumn, but she was nevertheless a sweet, quiet presence.

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