Monday, August 25, 2008

Book Launch

I must admit that a long line of people stretching away from a book signing table can sure make a writer feel like an author!

Beyond that snaking line, Book Launch Day was amazing in so many ways. The gathering of friends and family from near and far was sheer delight: Raymond & Bonnie, my brothers, my son, my mother's best friend, Cindy's parents, sister & nephew, colleagues from the college, friends from the gym, yoga, meditation, the community and my new freelance business. There were friends of Carol's that I'd never met, along with many of the writers I've worked with over the years in various groups. Those who lived too far away to come sent best wishes. My sister sent yellow roses which adorned the podium and friends from Antioch sent cards! My cyber friends sent email cards and posted announcements on their blogs.

The room was elegant, with slants of sunlight pouring through the Opera Hall windows to accent Marianne's astute plan for decorating and arranging the room. The food was phenomenal in no small part because of the women in the kitchen--most notably Cindy's mom and sister-- cutting, chopping, and warming the delicious array. Bartenders Cynthia and Ilana were dressed in ruffled tuxedo shirts with purple adornments. The two kept the wine, beer, and soda flowing with their smiling good cheer. As folks arrived they conscientiously worked on the Trivia Quiz after signing the guest book.

When those assembled gathered for the start of the program, my dear friend Morgan charmed everyone with a warm and witty introduction. I stayed grounded for my part with the exception of a cracking voice and a few tears when I thanked Culley for underwriting the publication of the book. The audience laughed and clapped and played along competitively when we checked the quiz for winners. And wouldn't you know it, Raymond won the grand prize! The applause at the end included calls for Carol which brought her to the stage as everyone stood to acknowledge her bravery and their love!

While people gathered around the chocolate fondue, visited in little clusters, and enjoyed the mingle-music from a playlist compiled by Andrea, I signed books and basked in congratulatory remarks. What an amazing reward after five years spent writing the book and another three trying to get it published. Cindy sat nearby selling books to the folks who then stepped into the signing line. I've never had so many hugs and kisses in one day . . . I'm filled to the brim with sweet regard.

Come back tomorrow for a post about simultaneity . . .



Keiti said...

Now I'm even more envious that I wasn't able to make it!

Congratulations, Patricia!


Annie said...

I'm sorry to have missed it. You appear radiant in the pics posted.

Annie said...

Sorry I missed it. You look positively radiant in the pics.