Monday, August 18, 2008

High Country Bliss

As Cherie and I were packing up after our class at Baker Station, she said to me: "And we get paid for this!" Indeed, it was hard to believe that we were getting paid for a blissful weekend in the high country with 20 enthusiastic and engaged students who spent 2 full days writing furiously and performing powerful yoga asanas.

I could write so much about the wonders of the weekend, but I have to turn my attention to the next two huge remaining projects for August: the Columbia College memory book and my own book launch. So I'm just going to post a couple of pictures that give a tiny taste of the weekend and conclude by saying how grateful I am for the opportunity to teach with Cherie in such an idyllic setting.

The pictures in this order are:
1. Warrior 2 atop a rock formation
2. Mindfulness practice while designing a fruit plate
3. My sleeping spot
4. The view UP from my sleeping spot

No pictures of folks writing as I was working then and too engaged to remember to snap a photo but believe me this group did a lot of writing.


Keiti said...

Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome time! I'm so jealous! I could use some yoga / beautiful scenery / writing to decompress.

I think I'm going to need all three to recuperate from the craziness around here!


Jana's Indigo Moon said...

Still trying to get to the photos of the weekend. I have some of writers writing. Not many but some.
Will try to work on them in what's left of the day..
It's so gorgeous outside I have been at my table outside on my laptop and the images weren't on that pc.
Will send a link when they are ready.