Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Mexico Vacation-Part 1

Everything about our trip to Mexico has gone smooth as silk despite swine flu alerts and a 5.3 earthquake in Mexico City on the day we landed for a 3 hour layover.

See me below pictured wearing a blue mask in the airport. 75% of travelers and all airport staff were wearing them. Folks had masks on in San Jose del Cabo airport too. And we've seen a few in Todos Santos. Schools are closed but airports remain open, so far.

Next picture is Cindy in front of our casita at El Delfin Blanco in Playitas, east of Cabo San Lucas. We spent a wonderful evening and morning there before driving to Todos Santos. The third picture is of the Delfin grounds, a quaint stopover right by the ocean.

We have no pictures as yet of Andy and Connie's place, but it is simply gorgeous!!! Look for pictures and updates the next time we make to D'Licia's which has free wireless Internet and cinnamon rolls to die for. Cindy is in heaven.

We have some funny stories, mostly related to our almost non-existent Spanish and total confusion about pesos and one crazy car story from which muchos hombres offered to rescue us!! Don't know if I have the spelling or the choice of words correct but we are trying our best to use the language frequently.


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