Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fun Parks

Allow me to weigh in on Fun Parks, for example Great America and Knotts Berry Farm. I've been to both in less than a week--Great America with Anna Mae and Kiki and Knotts with Sabrina, Brittany, and Cindy. I don't get it!!!

What's the fun of being turned upside down, whipped around, flown through the air, or spun until your legs are wobbly and your stomach is churning? There are all kinds of people standing in line to do such things. I don't get it!!!

My feet hurt and it was hot!! I sat on the ground waiting for young people on rides because there aren't enough benches for everyone who wants to sit and I kept squeezing myself into any inch of shade I could find. I went on rides that soaked me through and through and walked in wet clothes until my legs were chafed like a baby's with a wet diaper.

Tell me when it starts being fun??

When those kids say, "Thank you! That was so much fun!"

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jenny said...

now i know where raleigh gets his theme park enthusiasm! however, i don't enjoy doing it in the heat... esp. with small children! but i do enjoy the rush of a good roller-coaster every now and then.