Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Huntington Beach

I'll blog about the cram packed first week of July when I get back from Southern California (i.e. Clare's 1st birthday, Great America, jamming freelancing), but just a note about the beach for now.

You can't take the northern California girl out of me, but a Southern California beach is definitely the most redeeming quality of the lower half of my native state. There is nothing like napping on the beach with the sand carved out for every curve of one's body and a lovely breeze blowing gently across the skin. AHHH~

Then there is body surfing, of which I did not partake. but Sabrina and Brittany could not wait to take the plunge, gingerly followed by Cindy who once she was baptized by one good cold wave, hung in there for a good half hour of surfing with only 2 major wipe outs. (I waded into the surf and took pictures.)

Best of all of was bicycling along miles of paved road fronting the beach and dedicated to walkers, runners, and bicyclists. We rented those cool old fashioned bikes with upright handles and foot brakes. The coolest compliment this 61 year old woman could get came from the elderly Asian who handed us our bikes: "You look like you're pretty athletic," he said as I mounted my bicycle. Those words sent me joyfully pedaling forth on the best ride in recent memory.

As we left the beach, we stopped to watch three street performers doing break dancing. Oh my could those guys dance. Makes you wonder how such talent gets relegated to the street.

Today we go to Knotts Berry Farm . . . certain to be a different experience from the sun, sand, and surf at Huntington Beach!

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