Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Change of Plans

On Mondays, I go to homeschool at my daughter's and my son's, but this week, one family had two sick kids and the other family was exhausted from a weekend of service. The cancellations were timely as I was over-tired and had a strained muscle in my neck from shoveling dirt on Saturday.

Last October, Cindy gave me a gift certificate for a pedicure in acknowledgment of an accomplishment that neither one of us can recall. Every few weeks since she gave me the gift, I have scheduled an appointment, only to have either me or the manicurist cancel. Once again this month, I was playing phone tag with this gal, juggling potential appointment times. Then she called on Monday morning and said, "Can you come today at 1pm?"

"Yes, indeed, I can," said I.

So now I have sparkly red toes for Mexico. AND the sudden change of plans resulted in the pleasure of a soothing foot and leg massage on a day when I really needed it!

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jenny said...

so pretty! glad you got to the day off. we enjoyed the regrouping too. how are the tippetts?