Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yard Work

My yard is too big and my dreams far outreach my abilities. That's why I'm grateful for grandson Cody who is both smart and strong. Add to the mix Culley's 1/2 ton diesel truck, and I got a lot of yard work done this weekend.

Cody and I, along with neighbor Becky, hauled and shoveled a truckload of fill dirt. Then we picked up a load of railroad ties and dropped half in my yard and half in Becky's yard. Then Cody replaced the spark plug in my lawn mower and coaxed the machine to life after its winter in the shed. He mowed upper and lower lawns and also helped me replace hoses and plan and measure for the retaining wall project.

I love working outside, but it's always more fun with good-natured assistance. (I still needed a 2 hour nap when we were finished. All the help in the world can't compensate for 60 years of living.)

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