Wednesday, April 1, 2009


When Mary Autumn had to be in Modesto at 8am for a dental procedure, the family infrastructure kicked in. By 6:45, Gianna and Athan were at Aunt Jenny's. Dearma met Mama at the Whistlestop at 7am to collect Leon and Aliou, and when she went to work at 8:30, Cindy took over their care. Anna Mae went to Modesto to watch Clare in the waiting room while Mama stayed with Mary Autumn during her procedure.

Meanwhile, August was back at home working independently on course work for his first year of high school and Papa was elbow deep in the mud of a new job which would presumable pay the non-insured expense of Mary Autumn's procedure.

While their sister was sedated at the dentist, Leon and Aliou crafted cars from Play Doh and had a morning snack of chicken/cheese casa dia. (Notice the detail on their creations below.)

Mary Autum's first words after her dental work: "Did I take a nap at the dentist?"

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