Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have eaten salad everyday for lunch for more than 15 years. I've always intended to grow lettuce in my garden, but for some reason this intention never became a reality. I started one lettuce patch a few years back, but temperatures were already in the 90s and I had no shade cloth, so the lettuce didn't do well. Then I bought a big planter at a yard sale with the intention of growing lettuce on the patio. That planter is filled with flowers now.

In late winter, Raymond asked if I wanted some lettuce starts, but I whined that I didn't have a bed ready and even if I did, it would need a cover for frost in the winter and baking sun in the summer. So he offered to do the work and plant the lettuce starts as a birthday gift.

Now I have a sweet little lettuce patch that makes me smile EVERY time I drive in the drive way and when I stand at the kitchen window washing dishes. The plants are growing fast despite the unsettled spring weather that has included wind, rain, and hail as well as a few cool sunny days. Thanks Raymond! This was a great birthday gift.

Here is my picture of my lettuce bed. Notice the nifty shade structure with ample room to care for and harvest the plants.

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jenny said...

i envy your stable home environment to have a garden.