Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blog Heaven

This morning, I was tweaking on the Internet when I should have been working on my review of Forever Plaid, and I made a glorious discovery: The Bookstore's Blog. OMG, it's the greatest.


Because not only do I love to read, but I also love to read about books and what others have to say about them. The folks writing this blog are obviously well-read (and I might add well-connected to books). The side-bar includes short bios on each contributer in which they describe their main interests and something about their love for books.

I've been holding on to a subscription request for The New York Review of Books for about 3 months, wanting to subscribe but not wanting to pay for it. I'm glad I waited because this blog is just what I'm looking for: a current and thoughtful appraisal of what's going on in the book world and because it's a blog there are hyperlinks and podcasts that make it ever so much more interesting.

Also, instead of jotting the name of a book to locate on Amazon at some later time, which is necessary when reading print reviews, I can click the link and go right to the book's Amazon page. I know!!! That's what Amazon is hoping I'll do because they want me to buy, but so far I've just put books on my wish list (Are you reading this Cindy? Aren't you proud of me?).

But this leads me to another topic--the one that got me looking at in the first place this morning. I wasn't looking for a book. I was doing research of another sort, something prompted by a book I'm reading called The Purple Cow by Seth Godin (a book, I might add, that I checked out of the library).

But I'll save the topic of the purple cow for tomorrow.

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