Monday, October 22, 2007

Yesterday's Lessons

Some days I learn things. . . like yesterday.

Yoga Lessons:
  • with each transition there are feelings (indirect quote but you get the idea)
  • ugai breathing needs to be louder than the chatter in one's brain

Financial Lessons:

  • over-extended credit is a conundrum that takes imagination and baby steps to rectify;

  • once in a life-time is enough times to fall into the credit hole (It's too embarrassing to be almost 60 and learning a lesson taught in the Game of Life that I played when I was 10)

Aging Lessons

  • as the body ages, its chemistry changes, affecting perspiration and breath (These days, I frequently have B.O. and bad breath and a housemate who kindly tells me so)

I think I'll sit on the couch all day. I don't feel like learning anything new today.

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