Saturday, October 13, 2007

Poker Face

I'm a newbie Texas Holdem player and what I love as much if not more than the game is the language of the game. When I don't make it to my local Friday night game, my poker garu sends me a report, usually posted in the wee hours of Saturday morning before she goes to bed. I'm so addicted to these reports that I check email on Saturday before even brewing the tea. This is poetry of a different ilk (and poker lessons as well). Here's this morning's report:

Tonight's game had 17 players. . . The ladies dominated the final table. I was short stacked early in the game, had middle pocket pairs, and kept running up against bigger pairs: 77 vs KK and 99 vs AA. I was barely alive as the blinds escalated and I played some wicked warrior poker.

I busted Morgan with 77 at the final table; she had KK but I hit a 7 on the flop and check raised her for her whole stack. When it came down to it, ALL of the ladies made the final table. Kathy was short stacked but hung aroung a while. Clayton went out fifth, Robert M. bubbled, Corrinne took third, I got second and Peter became the first player to win back to back. I had him dominated when we came down to heads up play, but he caught some hands and made some on the flops until I was again against it. The final hand was J 10 vs J 9. He made the straight up to the nine with a 5678 on the board.

No poker face for me on Saturday morning. These reports start my day with a delicious smile.

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